Cost of Training

Cost of Training:

In keeping with the amateur status of Kyudo, no charges are made for tuition.
The cost of hiring facilities for practice sessions is shared amongst the members as a quarterly contribution (currently £75/quarter).

In addition, beginners will be required to purchase their own equipment, which is initially training uniform (about £100, depending on exchange rate), a glove (about £150), arrows. And, at a later stage, a bow must also be purchased (a basic set of arrows is around £120 and a basic bow is between £190-270).



These subscriptions cover the administration and logistical expenses of the Society. All functionaries of the club are on a voluntary basis.

In addition to cost of training above, members are obliged to join the United Kingdom Kyudo Association (UKKA), which is the governing body for Kyudo in the UK. The Annual Membership Fee to UKKA is: £30 for under 2nd Dan, £40 3rd to 5th Dan, £50 Renshi and above. The UKKA annual membership fee includes seminars in London Dojo three times a year. This entitles members to insurance cover, free access to annual training seminars and membership of the European Kyudo Federation through which members may apply to participate in the annual European Kyudo Seminars and All Nippon Kyudo Federation (ANKF) examinations.