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Kyudo `The Way of the Bow` is a traditional discipline that uses the art of shooting a Japanese bow for cultivating body and mind.

North Hertfordshire Kyudojo is a voluntary body established to promote the practice of Kyudo and is a member of the United Kingdom Kyudo Association (UKKA). It is open to all over the age of 17.


sensei and Dolphin Sensei Japan

Dojo Shidosha: Ray Dolphin, Kyoshi 7 dan.

Ray Dolphin started Kyudo in 1985 at the Meishin Dojo in Kent and later joined LKS to train under Liam O’Brien Sensei who returned from Japan in 1992. He took over the role of Shidosha at LKS following the passing of O’Brien Sensei in August 2015.

He has attended annual European Kyudo seminars led by the highest level Japanese teachers since 1988 and has visited Japan regularly since the mid-90s.

He served as Secretary of the UKKA (United Kingdom Kyudo Association) from 2011 to 2015 and has visited Stockholm twice yearly since 2005 to lead seminars for the Swedish association. He is currently also the Chairperson of UKKA.



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United Kingdom Kyudo Association (UKKA)
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European Kyudo Federation (EKF)
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